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The Cavender Family - 2019

Started in 1965 in Pittsburg, Texas, by James and his wife, Pat, the iconic western wear chain, Cavender’s, has grown to 80 plus stores in 11 states. Despite that growth, the company has stayed true to its roots of hard work, treating folks right, business savvy and, above all, family. Today, James and Pat’s three sons—Joe, Mike and Clay—run the business. Clay says, “If you look back through time, there’s a look that is always cool and that’s a pearl snap shirt and a pair of cowboy boots... Everybody has a pair of cowboy boots in their wardrobe. The hat is iconic, but not everybody has one. Everybody has a pair of cowboy boots and a good pair of jeans and a pearl snap shirt.” Really, that’s where the Cavender’s success lies, they’ve identified things in this world that are timeless and put them to work for them. Whether it’s maintaining a tight-knit family, being a good steward of their resources, treating their employees and customers right or selling something that everyone wants, they stick with what works. (James Robert Cavender 1931-2018)


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