Anne Marion - 2014

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Rancher, Philanthropist & Western Enthusiast

Anne's civic and cultural activities extend throughout the United States, but her deepest commitment is to the continuing success of her family's historic ranch.

Anne Marion and The Four Sixes For generations, ranching has played an important role in the family of Anne W. Marion (known during childhood as "Little Anne"), current president of BurnettRanches, LLC which includes Four Sixes Ranch.Legendary Quarter Horse and superior Black Angus cattle are hallmarks of "The Four Sixes," a historic Texas ranch that is part of Burnett Ranches, LLC. The ranch stands some of the most well-respected Quarter Horse stallions int he industry, with elite broodmares that produced superior individuals for ranch work and racing. The "Sixes" is also a working ranch, bringing more than 100 years of superior cattle breeding expertise to a new Black Angus program.


Anne passed away February 12, 2020. Though we will miss her friendship, we will continue to tell her stories.

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