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Wilson Franklin - 2022

Updated: Feb 26, 2022


Wilson Franklin was born in San Angelo, Texas on July 29, 1952 to Joyce Leddy

Franklin and Jim Franklin. Growing up in a retail family, he was encouraged to not only do well in school, but as time permitted, accompany his father to work at the family

business, M.L. Leddy's in San Angelo. Considering this started for Wilson around age five, he had a unique opportunity to truly grow up in the business.

This early in-house training equipped him with the skills and confidence he would need to pursue a future in Fort Worth that was his destiny.

At the request of his father, Wilson left his studies at San Angelo State University in

1973 at the age of twenty to temporarily manage the Fort Worth branch of Leddys in

the historic stockyards. He soon fell into a leadership role at this location and

immersed himself in the community. His father and uncles soon realized Wilson's

impact on the bottom line and the rest is history. Wilson became an active

businessman and member of the Fort Worth community.

Then in 1981, Wilson, his father Jim Franklin, bother Rusty Franklin and cousin Rod

Franklin had the opportunity to purchase stock owned by two uncles, Dale Leddy and Hollis Leddy, therefore taking over management and ownership completely.

Unfortunately, Wilson's father Jim Franklin died in 1982 and about the same time, the oil industry in Texas began a downward spiral as did the Texas economy. But, Wilson never lost faith in himself or the brand and managed against steep odds to buy out his brother's and cousin's interest in the business. And when the opportunity arose in 2000, the only outstanding stock owned by his mother was purchased.

It is by sheer determination and dedication to the long haul, that Wilson has been able to shepherd M.L. Leddy's into the one hundred year old company it is today ... offering the finest quality handmade western products in the industry and still family owned

and operated.


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