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Patti Colbert - 2022

Updated: Feb 26, 2022


Born in the suburbs of St. Louis, Patti Colbert’s connection to the western lifestyle came through watching Roy and Dale, Trigger, Fury, Flicka and Little Joe Cartwright. Her dream was to steal a steed from the pony rides and ride off into the sunset. After moving to Texas in the mid 70’s Patti was able to connect with horses by working at barns and volunteering as a 4-H Leader. While working for Glenn and J.D. Neans and Rodondo Roca Quarter Horses, one of the largest investors in the cutting horse industry in the 80’s, she fell in love with the production of equine events.

Dr. Charles W. Graham told Patti she was going to work for the Texas Quarter Horse and for years she and the Board of Directors managed the Quarter Horse Race and Show industry. While working for people like Joe Turner, Wanda Waters, Ben Hudson, Steve Stevens and other greats, Colbert helped pass pari-mutuel racing, negotiate race dates, expand the Texas-Bred Program, manage the Texas Classic shows and create the Texas Classic Racing Futurity.

Colbert’s next move was to the American Quarter Horse Association. Working with Bill Brewer and Don Treadway and the amazing staff, Patti was responsible for raising millions of dollars for the American Quarter Horse Foundation’s scholarship, equine research and preservation programs.

Patti then opened her own firm and worked with clients like the American Angus Association, The American Paint Horse Association, Texas A&M University and others. Colbert and her team took on the management of the Mustang Heritage Foundation and in 2007 created the Extreme Mustang Makeover events placing thousands of previously wild Bureau of Land Management Mustangs into private care. During that time she was involved with the production of movie and television projects such as Wild Horse, Wild Ride, Unbranded, Project Cowboy and Nat Geo’s Mustang Millionaires.

Throughout her career Colbert made her home ranch a place for people to connect with horses. For years Colbert Ranch was open to the public for recreational trail rides along with troubled teen and Veteran programs. Patti now loves competing in Stock Horse of Texas events, being with her incredible family and especially enjoying a glass of wine with her friends after staying on her horse in the cow work!

Proudest of receiving 2014 American Horse Publications, Innovator of the Year Award and the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame, Fern Sawyer Award. Currently on National Cowgirl Hall of Fame BOD. Advisory Board Chair for the Ride on Center for Kids.


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