Jerry Diaz - 2011

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

4th generation Charro & PRCA “Entertainer of the Year”.

A Charro (pronounced Cha 'ro) is a skilled Mexican horseman whose origins date back to the 17th century. The charro, who develops customer, dress, music and equestrian skills later borrowed by the American cowboy, dress in traditional costume and are skilled in horsemanship, bull riding, horse and steer roping and trick roping.

Charro Gerardo 'Jerry' Diaz is a fourth generation charro, continuing the traditions that originated with his great grandfather over 150 years ago. Jerry is recognized around the world for his expertise in horsemanship and dedication to the charro traditions. He is a director and lifetime member of the National Western Stock Show, which features his productions, The Mexican Rodeo Extravaganza and the Evening of Dancing Horses. In 2004 Jerry Diaz was inducted into the Texas Trail of Fame.

The Diaz family hosts several presentations and clinics throughout the year.

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