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Gerald Sullivan - 2018

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Cattle Rancher, Santa Rosa Ranches

The Sullivan Family from Galveston, Texas has been in the beef cattle industry for over 100 years.  Cattle were grazed in salt grass pastures along the Coastal Bend of Texas and then loaded onto cattle boats at the Port of Galveston, bound for Caribbean nations such as Haiti and Cuba.

Their commercial operation was the predecessor for the Gerald and Susanne Sullivan Family, who established Santa Rosa Ranch in 2003 when they purchased the former Fairweather Farms in Navasota, Texas.  

The majority of the operation was relocated in 2013 to the “River Ranch” which encompasses another location owned by SRR as well as the historic Rattlesnake Ranch along the Trinity River Basin in Sandridge, Texas between Madisonville and Crockett.  


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